Sunday sesh

I am exhausted today. Not one but two afternoon naps (both during the Bahrain grand prix, not impressed I missed half the race) and I still feel I could go to bed right this second.

My partner teaches 2 classes on a Sunday morning, and I usually take part. One hour spin class, followed by 45min Body Pump. Ow. Burned 733 calories in spin, and a piddly 275 in pump – I was so exhausted I had to drop the weights back to practically nothing, and the missing chunks of skin from yesterday made it….interesting!

So the large pizza from dominos is on its way, and the battlestar galactica DVD is going in. I may fall asleep face down in it. Pepperoni eye patches, anyone?

PS, yes, I am trying to shift some flab! The rules in this house are: takeaways once a fortnight, chocolate (or similar treats) 3 times a week. At least that’s the plan…going to be hard!