Fit vs. Fat

I am in a pondering kind of mood, and I blame it firmly on my twitter buddy Fluffiebunnie.  She blogged today about her progress with Enter the Kettlebell, and also mentioned that though she’s made less progress than she’d like towards her body fat/lean mass goals, she’s actually not too bothered because right now, she has other priorities.

This is something rather close to home for me, as I’ve tended to be overweight my entire life.  I have also been fat, but not necessarily at the same time.

I suppose this post is really just a rant against what society expects, and also against the now discredited, yet still accepted standard that is the body mass index.  According to my BMI, at 5’7” and 75kg (165lb) I am overweight; I should be trying to lose at least 5kg.  As we all know, BMI allows absolutely no room for body composition, meaning that 2 people with vastly differing body fat percentages could theoretically be given exactly the same advice from a doctor.  Madness, no?

As for that 5kg (minimum) that I should be losing, well I’ve worked HARD for that weight, I’ve paid for it with blood, sweat, tears and ripped up calluses.  Last time my lean mass was checked it was in the region of 60kg and there’s no way I’m giving up a single gram of that.  Add to which, the last time my body fat was checked, it was in the healthy range (I can’t remember precisely what it was – 20-something).  I suspect in the intervening time that it’s crept upwards, but you know what?  I’m not really bothered.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and fitter too.  My body fat doesn’t need to be my enemy; as a woman it gives me shape – boobs and a butt and hips – and it has an important role in several aspects of my health (hormonal health, fertility).

So I refuse to jump on the bandwagon.  I’m not going to join the angst-ridden ranks of the size zero chasers.  I don’t care if my thighs are bigger than that other girl, or my weight/body fat/hair colour/shoe size is not “right”.  Because I’m fit, I’m healthy, and I’m getting stronger every day.

So there 😀


Sunday is funday

Today has been the model of a perfect Sunday. Early spin (700 calories) followed by body pump (300 calories). Long hot shower, then home to watch the Monaco grand prix while stuffing my face with roast chicken. I even managed not to sleep through it!

I’ve managed a few kettlebell sessions this week too; still working on my cleans. It’s such a technical movement and I’m struggling to master it. The trouble is this – my 12kg kettlebell has a rubbish grip, very thick, very shallow (ie too close to the body of the bell) and generally badly made. There’s a big lip of metal which does its very best to remove a chunk of skin with every rep, and that combined with the very shallow handle (which means the bell lands very high up on the wrist, sometimes right on the wrist bones) makes it…challenging to use.

But conversely, the 16kg is just a smidge too heavy for me to clean safely; I can snatch it, but my clean technique just isn’t there yet, so I need to persevere.

And in other news, I’ve finally had another weigh in….and remained exactly the same weight. Here’s hoping that I’m gaining muscle, because when you burn 1000 calories in one morning surely you must lose SOME body fat?!

Week 5 – 78kg
Total loss – 0kg (still!)


I had a little holiday this weekend, a few days away staying with my dad and then a family birthday. I didn’t think I had eaten too badly, but as it turns out I was wrong! I haven’t had a drink in weeks so the bottle of wine on friday night, and the other one on saturday night, won’t have helped… Anyway whatever the cause, I’m back up to my starting weight – 78kg. Boo.

Not had much chance to train over the weekend either. I managed a little kettlebell session on Friday morning though, which went something like:
Snatches – 3 ladders X 3/3 (16kg)
Windmills – 3 x 3/3 (16kg)

It felt almost too easy at the time – I still have it ingrained that you must be a quivering wreck, drowned in sweat or you haven’t worked hard enough. As it turns out I had some very satisfying DOMS the next day, so I must have done something right! Just keep in mind Pavel’s mantra: “If you train to failure, you train to fail”.

Week 3 – 78kg
Total loss – 0kg!

The morning after…

Oh god, when I thought my muscles would ache today I was underestimating. Considering that snatches are really just a posh word for flinging a weight over your head as quick as you can, the number of muscles and amount of pain they involve are surprising. Totally worth it though! Weigh in day today, and I’m proud to announce that:

Week 2: 77kg
Total loss: 1kg

I appear to be the very model of “1-2lb per week equals healthy weightloss”. Yay me!

Brand spanking new blog

This blog was originally started elsewhere, linked to a forum account.  But the blogging interface was pretty limited, and as it turned out that the blog was staying alive, I’ve moved it here.  Enjoy  🙂

I was going to start this blog at blogspot, or wordpress, or one of those shiny sites…but I know my track record with blogging. I don’t want another dormant blog clogging up the internet! So I thought I’d begin here, and if by some miracle I keep it up I can consider my options.

So I’ve always been interested in fitness. I’ve been a gym member for around 5 years now, mostly taking part in group fitness classes – Body Combat, Body Pump, spinning, and all that malarky. I’ve had a rough couple of years though and all of that has kind of fallen by the wayside. My training has been slowly getting back on track, but I got a shock the other day when I got on the scales and realised I’ve gained a stone in the last couple of months. Oops! It could be muscle (my shapes hasn’t really changed), but I don’t know for sure, and although I’m not superstitious I’m not comfortable being 13 stone! So this is it; a little diary of my efforts to get my groove back. Day 1: 78kg (which turns out to be 12st 4lb. So not quite 13, but still too much….)