While I’m on a roll…

Why not post today’s workout?  After a quick dynamic warmup… 3 rounds of:

  • Round-the-worlds, 24kg kettlebell, 10 each way
  • Halos, 12kg kettlebell, 10 each way
Followed by 3 rounds of:
  • Single-leg deadlift, 24kg KB, 5 each leg
  • Bottoms-up goblet squat, 24kg, 5 reps
  • 2-hand swing, 24kg KB, 10 reps
Swiftly followed by a military press pyramid set, starting with 1 rep each arm, up to 5, then back down to 1; 16kg KB.  The finisher was 2 sets of 40 1-hand swings, 20L/20R with 24kg.
I’m pleasantly tired after that, but my post-workout meal was a cup of Blue Lady tea and a home made chocolate brownie.  Anabolic, no? 😉

Fit vs. Fat

I am in a pondering kind of mood, and I blame it firmly on my twitter buddy Fluffiebunnie.  She blogged today about her progress with Enter the Kettlebell, and also mentioned that though she’s made less progress than she’d like towards her body fat/lean mass goals, she’s actually not too bothered because right now, she has other priorities.

This is something rather close to home for me, as I’ve tended to be overweight my entire life.  I have also been fat, but not necessarily at the same time.

I suppose this post is really just a rant against what society expects, and also against the now discredited, yet still accepted standard that is the body mass index.  According to my BMI, at 5’7” and 75kg (165lb) I am overweight; I should be trying to lose at least 5kg.  As we all know, BMI allows absolutely no room for body composition, meaning that 2 people with vastly differing body fat percentages could theoretically be given exactly the same advice from a doctor.  Madness, no?

As for that 5kg (minimum) that I should be losing, well I’ve worked HARD for that weight, I’ve paid for it with blood, sweat, tears and ripped up calluses.  Last time my lean mass was checked it was in the region of 60kg and there’s no way I’m giving up a single gram of that.  Add to which, the last time my body fat was checked, it was in the healthy range (I can’t remember precisely what it was – 20-something).  I suspect in the intervening time that it’s crept upwards, but you know what?  I’m not really bothered.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and fitter too.  My body fat doesn’t need to be my enemy; as a woman it gives me shape – boobs and a butt and hips – and it has an important role in several aspects of my health (hormonal health, fertility).

So I refuse to jump on the bandwagon.  I’m not going to join the angst-ridden ranks of the size zero chasers.  I don’t care if my thighs are bigger than that other girl, or my weight/body fat/hair colour/shoe size is not “right”.  Because I’m fit, I’m healthy, and I’m getting stronger every day.

So there 😀


Ok peeps, here’s the deal.  My OH’s best friend is paying a surprise visit on Sunday afternoon – obviously a surprise to the OH, not me!  Best Friend lives a couple of hours drive away, and will be coming to our place in between checking out of his hotel and driving home.  So far, so lovely Sunday afternoon.

The problem is this; I am the least confident cook you have ever seen.  Seriously.  Cooking for people I don’t know reduces me to a little sweaty ball of stress, curled up and rocking gently in the corner of the kitchen.  So I somehow need to find up with a quick, delicious meal to feed to Best Friend (who I hardly know) and his girlfriend (who neither I nor OH has ever met).  This is made worse by the fact that OH teaches on a Sunday morning, so we’ll only be getting home 10 minutes before (or even after) Best Friend.

I could cry off morning classes (somehow) and make something I’m confident with (lasagne springs instantly to mind), but I do love my Sunday gym mornings!  So I’m throwing it open; any ideas for quick, simple and above all EASY recipes that I can whip up to wow Best Friend and his other half?  You could be saving my culinary pride!

Dietary update

I haven’t posted any food diaries in a while, so here goes…in my defence, yesterday was my birthday so the junk intake was through the roof!

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with spinach, on toast (wholemeal). Tea
Lunch – chicken tikka massalla, rice and naan.
Snack (at the cinema) – half a giant bag of peanut M&Ms. Lush!
Dinner – That new oriental stir fry thing M&S are doing; chicken, veg, thai green sauce and noodles.
Dessert – chocolate croissant and a double choc muffin. I had a GOOD birthday

Breakfast – Muesli, tea
Snack – discos salt and vinegar, fridge raiders chicken bites (these are surprisingly nice – try them)
Lunch – goats cheese and pesto ravioli with spinach and ricotta sauce.
Dinner – home made king prawn curry. Incredibly quick, served with uncle ben’s microwave rice, for that lazy factor
Dessert – yoghurt.

I also did a spin class yesterday morning (~500 calories), and I’m off to the gym now to hopefully do a kettlebell session. My fiance runs a class on a Tuesday night and if we run out of equipment it’s the paying customers who get first dibs. Only fair really! If we run out I’ll go and occupy myself in the gym for an hour


I had a little holiday this weekend, a few days away staying with my dad and then a family birthday. I didn’t think I had eaten too badly, but as it turns out I was wrong! I haven’t had a drink in weeks so the bottle of wine on friday night, and the other one on saturday night, won’t have helped… Anyway whatever the cause, I’m back up to my starting weight – 78kg. Boo.

Not had much chance to train over the weekend either. I managed a little kettlebell session on Friday morning though, which went something like:
Snatches – 3 ladders X 3/3 (16kg)
Windmills – 3 x 3/3 (16kg)

It felt almost too easy at the time – I still have it ingrained that you must be a quivering wreck, drowned in sweat or you haven’t worked hard enough. As it turns out I had some very satisfying DOMS the next day, so I must have done something right! Just keep in mind Pavel’s mantra: “If you train to failure, you train to fail”.

Week 3 – 78kg
Total loss – 0kg!

Dietary habits

They say that when it comes to weight loss, it’s roughly 70% diet, 30% exercise. Which is probably why I struggle! I get plenty of exercise, and varied exercise at that, but I have little to no willpower when it comes to treats. Chocolate, sweets, crisps, cake, biscuits and just about anything with pastry on. Oh, and my home made lasagne isn’t exactly diet food.

So I just try to keep everything in moderation; I’ll record a couple of days worth of meals here, and see what they look like.


  • Breakfast – muesli (and a lemsip, god they are foul)
  • Lunch – pre-packed salad from asda with ham and boiled eggs. Added some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, since the salad cream sachets they include make me gag
  • Snack – millie’s double choc cookie. Mmmmmm.
  • Tea – Chicken korma; lean chicken breast, asda’s good for you korma sauce, bit of onion, and asda’s own microwave brown rice.
  • Mid-evening – half a packet of angel delight. Made me feel about 5 again!

I think that was pretty reasonable. I also trained yesterday morning – 40 minutes or so of kettlebell work, which I guess would have been about 400 calories (forgot me heart rate monitor).


  • Breakfast – muesli, cup of tea, pressed apple juice.
  • Mid-morning – packet of teeny weeny carrots from Boots, surprisingly tasty.
  • Lunch – some breaded fish fillets (coley, I think) with a couple of Aunt Bessie’s potato croquets and some left over paxo stuffing. Was gorgeous!
  • Tea – My OH concocted something rather gorgeous; he fried off some lean chicken and veg in one pan while cooking some brown pasta in another. When everything was done he just dumped them into one pan, added a big dollop of natural yogurt and some red pesto and mixed it all through. Absolutely gorgeous.

All of the milk we use (in tea, muesli, etc) is semi-skimmed, and we do easy things like cutting off visible fat from our meat, but other than that we don’t go crazy. OH is avoiding bread and alcohol at the moment, but I’m far too weak to do that! As I’ve mentioned before we try to limit treats like chocolate to every other day, and uber-treats like pizzas etc once or twice a month.

It’s not the perfect diet, and we probably don’t get enough fresh fruit and veg. We do try to drink plenty of water though – there’s always a glass on the table, and we’ll share it til it’s gone. Then we bicker to see who refills it We also try to have dinner fairly early, between 5pm and 6pm. I’m not sure how much truth there is to the theory that if you eat late in the day you store more of it as fat, but I definitely don’t sleep as well on a full stomach.

I’ll probably keep posting occasional food diaries, and I’ll try to keep it pretty random so that my bad days are catalogued as well as my virtuous ones