Something awful has happened, blog land. I’m in breach of blog pact, and the wrath of the Simple Dog is about to be unleashed upon me. My problem here is not a lack of subject material, but a lack of hours in the day to spend putting thoughts to keyboard, so I think a series of mini-posts are the way forward here. I wanted to tell The Story of the Grand Eurogamer Expo Adventure all in a oner, but instead I shall string you along, all string-like 😀

So the last time Tony and I went away was last November, putting a grand total of 10 months in between trips. Also, the last trip was a visit to my mother’s, which, fun as it was, does not rank high in the all-out excitement stakes. We wanted to go to last year’s Eurogamer, but due to total ineptitude (ie complete and utter failures to actually buy tickets or arrange transport) failed miserably; this year we were better prepared.

The Eurogamer Expo is an annual event, and is basically an excuse for several thousand excited geeks to get together in one place, play video games before they are released, talk to the developers, and get loads of free stuff. For the princely sum of £10 each, 8 hours of joyous geekery was ours!

So I took a lovely sunny Friday off work, and we started the day with a fry-up of epic proportions at our favourite café. The train to London was actually rather enjoyable (no doubt helped by the cans of Stella Artois that hitched a lift with us), and the day was only marginally dampened by the discovery that our hotel room for the night was in actual fact a bright orange shoebox. Seriously, I’m barely exaggerating here.


But that was just a further kick in the pants to get out of the hotel room and out into the streets of London. The Earl’s Court area proved to be busy and vibrant, and after a leisurely recce (Earl’s Court exhibition centre located, venue for breakfast chosen, beer consumed) we went for a burger. This burger practically deserves a post of its own because it was almost a sexual experience; seriously the best burger I have ever had in my life. There was bacon. There was cheese. There were onion rings. There was even a little pickled gherkin on top. Win!


The burger led to further beer, and an encounter in a bar with a lovely man who gave us top tips about all the best bits of the expo. And thus, well fed and watered and armed with information, we retired to the Orange Shoebox of Joy to get our heads down in preparation for the expo itself….


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  1. Hayley Johnson (@gunshotglitter_)
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 20:50:40

    Pahckle! On top of the burger! How could you?!

    Simple Dog xxx


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