Um, ouch

So the other day I accidentally ended up doing workout 1B from the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Today, therefore, I decided to do workout 1A. Yeah, what’s your point?
It’s a simple workout; squats, push-ups, seated rows, step-ups and jackknifes. I don’t have access to any kind of squat rack, so I decided front squats would make a reasonable substitute for back squats, and that I’d start light with 20kg. I haven’t squatted in a long time so I knew it’d be tough, and indeed the first set was challenging. What I didn’t expect was the burning, cramping pain in my quads that developed just as I was about to start set 2. Oh my. Apparently I’ve let myself go even more than I thought…
The second set didn’t feel particularly awful, and the rest of the workout was fine, but an hour later I already had pain in my quads that felt like really bad DOMS.
This should not happen after 2 sets of 15 (light) squats, and it does not bode well for tomorrow…


New rules, revisited

So today I found myself in a gym, with 40 minutes to kill. That never happens! So I had a flip back through my blog to find an early workout from Alwyn Cosgrove & Lou Schuler’s New Rules of Lifting for Women. I wanted to do workout 1A, but there’s no squat rack here (I know, right?!); workout 1B, however, was perfect.
The Olympic bar was in use, so some quick improvisation was in order. My super quick training session looked like this:

  • kettlebell deadlifts, 2×15, 48kg. These were far too light, but the heaviest bells here are the 24kgs. Oh well!
  • dumbbell shoulder press, 2×15, 8kg. First set felt fine, second set was a nice challenge.
  • wide grip lat pulldowns, 2×15. I have no idea what weight I used because, I shit you not, the stacks here are unmarked. All of them. So if you want to do any kind of cable pull you just have to guess how much you want to lift.
  • bodyweight lunges, 2×30. Probably need to add weight to these, but my knees don’t feel too clever at the moment.
  • Swiss ball crunches, 10kg on chest, 2×8. Far, far, far too easy. May substitute for leg raises or similar if I do this again.
  • So that was an unexpected but highly enjoyable workout. I don’t have time to do the programme twice a week as it demands, but I think I’ll dig out the book and write out some workouts I can do at moments like this. It’s far too long since I lifted free weights consistently, and I feel the love affair rekindling 🙂


    I am getting worryingly interested in the stats offered by wordpress about my blog.  There is something mystical about being able to see what search terms someone has used to find my tiny little corner of Teh Interwebz, but something dangerous too.

    By far the most commonly used term to find me is “kettlebell pentathlon”.  This is gratifying, since it’s something I’m interested in and it’s nice to share it with people.  But it also makes a tiny little bit of me spam those words over EVERY SINGLE PAGE just to see what happens.  This part of me must not win.

    It is also apparent that one day this week someone, somewhere on facebook linked to my blog, because I got well over 100 hits in one day, and most of them were on my pentathlon post.  And I have no way of telling who, because the referrer was just “”.  That same little part of my soul wants to start trawling facebook to find out WHO WAS IT!!???!!1!!

    But it won’t win.  I hope….



    Something awful has happened, blog land. I’m in breach of blog pact, and the wrath of the Simple Dog is about to be unleashed upon me. My problem here is not a lack of subject material, but a lack of hours in the day to spend putting thoughts to keyboard, so I think a series of mini-posts are the way forward here. I wanted to tell The Story of the Grand Eurogamer Expo Adventure all in a oner, but instead I shall string you along, all string-like 😀

    So the last time Tony and I went away was last November, putting a grand total of 10 months in between trips. Also, the last trip was a visit to my mother’s, which, fun as it was, does not rank high in the all-out excitement stakes. We wanted to go to last year’s Eurogamer, but due to total ineptitude (ie complete and utter failures to actually buy tickets or arrange transport) failed miserably; this year we were better prepared.

    The Eurogamer Expo is an annual event, and is basically an excuse for several thousand excited geeks to get together in one place, play video games before they are released, talk to the developers, and get loads of free stuff. For the princely sum of £10 each, 8 hours of joyous geekery was ours!

    So I took a lovely sunny Friday off work, and we started the day with a fry-up of epic proportions at our favourite café. The train to London was actually rather enjoyable (no doubt helped by the cans of Stella Artois that hitched a lift with us), and the day was only marginally dampened by the discovery that our hotel room for the night was in actual fact a bright orange shoebox. Seriously, I’m barely exaggerating here.


    But that was just a further kick in the pants to get out of the hotel room and out into the streets of London. The Earl’s Court area proved to be busy and vibrant, and after a leisurely recce (Earl’s Court exhibition centre located, venue for breakfast chosen, beer consumed) we went for a burger. This burger practically deserves a post of its own because it was almost a sexual experience; seriously the best burger I have ever had in my life. There was bacon. There was cheese. There were onion rings. There was even a little pickled gherkin on top. Win!


    The burger led to further beer, and an encounter in a bar with a lovely man who gave us top tips about all the best bits of the expo. And thus, well fed and watered and armed with information, we retired to the Orange Shoebox of Joy to get our heads down in preparation for the expo itself….