A well-earned chillout

Greetings, blogosphere!

This is the first afternoon I can remember in a very long time where I don’t have something that has to be done right NAOW!!1!  It’s nice, if I’m honest – very nice indeed!

There’s not much to report on the training front, apart from another pentathlon attempt.  My scores (all with 12kg) were:

  • Clean – 120 (+30 seconds spare)
  • Long cycle press – 60 (+1m14s)
  • Jerk – 113
  • Half snatch – 108
  • Push press – 120 +4s
So that’s every lift lift maxed, except the jerk, for a total of 781.5 points.  Quite a long way to go to reach the necessary score to enter the “extreme” category!  Once again I didn’t have a 16kg pro-grade bell available, and the first two lifts are clearly far too easy with 12kg.  I’m currently occupied with brushing up on my excel syntax, and building myself a spreadsheet to help plan what reps I need to reach.  Geekgasm 🙂
Other than that I’ve done nothing but join in with the occasional kettlebell class (coaching more than training lately though), and eating an unreasonable amount of baked goods.  My fiancé’s mother has been very ill, so between that and working full time, we are struggling just to get enough sleep most days.
So a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do is just about perfect 🙂

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