While I’m on a roll…

Why not post today’s workout?  After a quick dynamic warmup… 3 rounds of:

  • Round-the-worlds, 24kg kettlebell, 10 each way
  • Halos, 12kg kettlebell, 10 each way
Followed by 3 rounds of:
  • Single-leg deadlift, 24kg KB, 5 each leg
  • Bottoms-up goblet squat, 24kg, 5 reps
  • 2-hand swing, 24kg KB, 10 reps
Swiftly followed by a military press pyramid set, starting with 1 rep each arm, up to 5, then back down to 1; 16kg KB.  The finisher was 2 sets of 40 1-hand swings, 20L/20R with 24kg.
I’m pleasantly tired after that, but my post-workout meal was a cup of Blue Lady tea and a home made chocolate brownie.  Anabolic, no? 😉



Anyone still here?

Thought not.  But then I only ever amassed about 3 followers anyway, so there was never much to lose!  Now the question is, where to begin?  It’s been practically a year since I had both time and inspiration at more or less the same time to post a blog entry, and while it feels a lot has happened, not much has changed.

Still got the same job (I write documents about medicines for the NHS, and occasionally try to give some phone advice).  Tony and I are still merrily procrastinating about actually organising a wedding (now at the point where dragging a couple of strangers off the street for witnesses followed by a Chinese takeaway sounds pretty damn good).  Still running regular kettlebell classes, though I suppose technically I’m now a kettlebell sport instructor too.

What’s changed?  Well we’ve moved, twice.  After a set of nightmare neighbours followed swiftly by a set of nightmare landlords, we’re now happily ensconced in working class suburbia – there are kids who play in the middle of the road and curtain-twitchers and everything!  And…that’s about it.  It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year emotionally, but those are lots of stories for other times.

So if there’s anybody still out there….hi!  Thanks for sticking with me!  I can’t say for sure what direction the blog will go in from here, but I’ve been challenged by the lovely @gunshotglitter_ to keep to a posting schedule of at least once a week, so let’s see what happens shall we?  You can find her blog at Baking Beautiful, and our colleague Vince is joining in too.  If nothing else, it’ll be a good laugh.

Tally ho!