Bulgarian Bags


Yep, turns out my blog was just sleeping, not dead.  I’ve thought of a lot of things I wanted to post over the months, but yesterday I saw something cool enough to actually kick me into gear and do it.

Ever seen a Bulgarian bag?  They’re an awesome training tool, but not cheap.  A small one will set you back £150, and it only gets more expensive from there.  Obviously a lot of what you’re paying for is craftsmanship and the quality of the materials.  But what if you just want to have a go and see if you get on with this method of training?

A friend of mine has made a few of his own, following instructions that can be easily found online, and while the quality is certainly not what you’d get if you laid down some hard cash, the end results are still pretty awesome.

The recipe is also incredibly simple, and the finished item is pretty durable – which it needs to be if it’s to be swung and slammed.

The basic ingredients:

  • An inner tube for a car.  The bigger the tube, the bigger the Bulgarian bag.
  • Some big, sturdy cable ties.
  • Rubber mulch/pellets, builders sand, or something similar to fill the bag.  Make your choice based on how heavy you want the finished product to be, or make a mixture to fine-tune the finished weight.
  • Gaffer tape.

And that’s it.  Assembly couldn’t be simpler either; cut out a small section from the inner tube, to get rid of the valve. Use a cable tie to tie off one end, leaving 6-8 inches of free rubber.  Fill with your choice of filling, then cable tie the other end too.  Add an extra cable tie to each end for maximum security, then get the roll of gaffer tape and wind it round the loose ends.  This covers the cable ties (potentially ouchy), and gives you a nice neat end to hold on to while the bag’s in use.

And that’s really it.  They’re not pretty, but they’re solid and they do the job.  There are 4 at our little studio now, of varying sizes and weights, and I have a feeling the family will be expanding rapidily!


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