40 Lifts for Lent

I’ve been banging on for a while now about a nice little challenge that I’m trying called 40 Lifts for Lent.  It’s inspired by a guy we know, who decided at about this time last year that he wanted to add an extra something to his training.  In his wisdom, he decided that , in addition to his usual routine of training, teaching kettlebell courses and running a business, he’d perform 40 lifts every day with his 40kg kettlebells.  See him chat about it in this video.

I’m not that brave.

But I’m giving it a damn good go with my trusty 16kgs.

It’s just as simple as it sounds; every day for the 40 days of lent I’ll be performing 40 lifts with 1 or 2 16 kg kettlebells.  On the days where I’m sore and tired that can be as simple as 40 double handed swings.  On the days when I want to go all out it’s a really fun target to reach.  For example, a couple of days ago…

  • 10 x 32kg DH swings (all the 16kgs were busy!!)
  • 10 x 32kg alternating swings (core KILLER)
  • 5 x double jerks with 2x16kg
  • 5 x double front squats with 2x16kg
  • 5 x stiff leg dead lifts with 2x16kg
  • 5 x double swings with 2x16kg

That was tough, and it felt awesome!

Of course this doesn’t mean that I ONLY do 40 reps every day, the 40 reps are there as a challenge, a way to push myself past what I would normally try.  I still join in at kettlebell class, I’m still taking the 100 pushup challenge, and I’m still trying to fit in barbell workouts where I can.

Speaking of which, it’s time to get to the gym.  Today’s plan; 40 double swings with two 16kg bells, followed by some heavy deadlifts. PB is still at 95kg, but I’ve got the century in my sights…

PS, I’ve been tweeting my workouts most days; for quick updates, just look for the #40lifts hashtag.

UPDATE: In my haste earlier I forgot to add that Tommy, the originator of the 40 lifts, wrote an ebook about his experience the first time round.  It’s an interesting read, both for those who already train with kettlebells and those yet to try it.


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