Barbell complexes. Ouch.

Today was my day off, so after a lovely lie in OH and I went up to the gym.  I make that sound easy.  What really happened is that we spend 10 minutes scraping about 6 inches of snow off the car, and then we tried to move it.  Oh dear.  It took another 10 minutes of revving, rocking back and forward in the same 2 feet, and finally OH pushing for all he was worth.  He fell over when the car finally found grip and shot forward but it was totally worth it, if only for comedy value.

We had a good session at the gym, when we finally got there and defrosted.

  • Timed kettlbell snatches.  OH is training for kettlebell sport, so he did 3 minutes each side without stopping.  I used 12kg and swapped arms every minute; I’m not hardcore enough for KB sport yet!  We had a gymboss sounding every minute.
  • Barbell complex; deadlift/clean/front squat/push press.  I did 5 rounds with 30kg, 2 rounds with 20kg and 1 at 25kg for a total of 8 sets of 3 reps.  Exhausting, but satisfying.
  • Russian twists.  5kg on the end of an olympic bar, 4 sets of 10 total twists (5 each side).

We weren’t strict with rests, worrying more about using challenging weight and good form.  I haven’t done much powerlifting so getting the movements correct and tidy was a struggle, especially when I started to fatigue – hence the drop in weight towards the end.

Tomorrow’s workout will mostly be centred around getting to work.  An hour’s walk in foot deep snow sounds like a reasonable challenge!


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