Anyone still watching?

Just the quickest of quick notes to say; I have not forgotten you blog land.  Life is hectic, and I barely have the energy to work my 40 hours, train, do my share of domestic trivialities, and spend any kind of quality time with my other half.  There are lots of exciting things to share though, like the fact that my OH is looking at premises of his own, to run jointly with 1 or 2 of his other trainer friends.

Work is going well (though my training schedule is suffering hugely because of it) and is proving both challenging and fun (with emphasis on the challenging!)

And since I don’t get to train much just now, when I do I make it count.  I’m doing lots of short, intense workouts with things like 16kg swings for 30:/30: and 10-15 rounds as well as a lot of 1RM exercises, and I’m pleased to report that I can snatch-windmill 24kg on both arms.  You’ve no idea how cool it feels to be able to say that 😀


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