First weeks are exhausting

This was primarily intended as a fitness blog, but I knew I’d want to step out of that every now and then – hence the name.  This has been my first week at my new job, and you know what?  Thursday hasn’t even started yet and I am utterly pooped.  Utterly.

I’m working as a Health Information Adviser for NHS Direct.  That is, if you ring up without any symptoms that need to be assessed and just need some information, it’ll be someone like me who rings you back, having done some research first.  Trouble is, before we get trained to do that, we have to learn how to answer the phones. OMG.

There’s SO MUCH to take in.  Yes it’s “just” a script, but it’s really not.  A good Health Adviser (phone-answering person) has to be pretty skilled at figuring out the correct questions to ask to get the caller to actually say what’s wrong, because a surprising number seem to ring in and say they’re a bit breathless when what they mean is they’ve got stabbing chest pains.  (Disclaimer: totally fictional scenario!!) A script can’t help you deal with that!  The HAs have to think sideways a lot of the time, and do it quickly too.

I get to spend a day answering the phones from a week on Friday.  Wish me luck, and if you need medical advice that day, do me a HUGE favour and ring your GP instead?!  😉


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