Rest is good for you

I’ve had a few weeks that were remarkably training-free.  It drove me nuts at the time, but the first session back was amazing.  I guess it’s true what I’ve always known but taken a bit of a “la-la-la, I’m not listening” approach towards; rest is good for you.

A couple of weeks ago I did something to my back.  To this day I’ve no idea what, as back injuries have a nasty habit of not making themselves known til a day or two afterwards, but it caused intense muscle pain in my lower back, just left of the spine.  Then, before it had even begun to heal I went off for a long weekend at my mum’s.  Note to self: 10 hours on a train with a bad back – bad idea.

But the end result was 10 days of total rest (not counting a couple of gentle walks on the beaches of the bonny Isle of Skye) and it did me the world of good.  My first session back I felt strong, loose, and energised.  Moral of the story – I must remember not to be afraid of rest, especially if it involves being well-fed by my mother, and long walks in the country 🙂


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