I’m in the middle of my first real injury, and it sucks.  I was teaching a friend to swing kettlebells last week; did a warmup with him, showed him a few example swings, then sat back and coached.  After we finished and cooled down there was a slight twinge in my left spinal erector; by the time I got home it was a big twinge.  The next day it had totally seized up.

To be honest I don’t know what it is – a pull, a strain, a sprain, a spasm? – but it hurts a lot.  Sudden movements literally take my breath away, and even sitting still there’s a constant throbbing.  When it’s really bad there’s a mild burning sensation around the base of my spine, and stabbing sensations into my left hip.

So, I’m being sensible – no exercise at all, plenty of heat treatments (there’s no inflammation as far as I can tell, so no point in icing it), and trying to stay mobile.  The worst thing I did was get all the kettlebells out of their storage cupboard for class on Saturday, which made things approximately 17 times more painful, so until I’m better I’m trying to not even lift a shopping basket.  I’m going to visit my mum on Thursday, which will involve a 10 hour train journey.  Need to pack extra pain pills…

But just to end on a positive note, the guy I was teaching when my back went took very little coaching – as a former group fitness instructor he had an inate understanding of how to move, and even started correcting his own technique within a few minutes.  “Used my back that time…too much knees…not enough hips.”  When I showed him the clean he immediately saw that he had to “control the swing”, which is really just another way of saying “tame the arc”.  It was a real pleasure to coach someone who engages their brain and really gets functional movement 🙂


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