Core strength (or lack of)

I really, really hate planks.  They show up what I consider to be my biggest weakness – my static core strength.  I see all these women come into the gym who don’t train much (or at all, really) and they can hold a plank for what feels like hours, whereas I’m beginning to struggle at 30 seconds and by 40 seconds I’m swearing and shaking.

It’s frustrating, because I think my dynamic core strength is pretty good, or at least satisfactory; I can windmill a 20kg kettlbell fairly comfortably, and find it’s shoulder stability that begins to fade well before core strength.  I can also snatch a 24kg kettlebell, and that is definitely a core-intensive movement!  And just to top it off, I really enjoy exercises like Russian twists and wood chops, especially dynamic chops with a lunge added.

On the bright side, matters are improving – just a little too slowly for my taste!  When I started Phase 2 of the New Rules I could only manage around 20 seconds, now at the start of Phase 3 that’s more than doubled to 45 seconds…but that’s still only half of the 90 seconds required by the programme.  I’ve been meaning for months and months now to try and get to some pilates classes, and I should really do that because I think it’d do my core a world of good.

Just need more hours in the day now!


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