Busting a snatch barrier

Today has been AWESOME so far!  I started the day with stage 2, workout A from the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  It was incredibly hard work but I increased a couple of my weights and got everything done (with the exception of the planks, but they need a post of their own).

After a quick shower and re-fueling (fresh tomato and basil soup – the kind with huge lumps of tomato, gorgeous) it was time for kettlebell class.  I posted the other day about how well these classes are going, and it has everything to do with my OH.  He loves kettlebell training, he loves to teach, and he’s very very good at both – all these things go together to make an awesome experience for the members.  We also have another PT joining us on a Saturday morning now too (say hello to Paul “Fitspider” Chan!), which is fantastic.  Spider is a fantastic PT, and qualified to coach kettlebells on the same course as my OH.  The members are really benefiting from having him around, and it means that everyone gets more time with a qualified trainer, which is ideal.

So the class went really well, and everyone seemed to make real, concrete progress.  What a fantastic feeling!  The first few sessions where people go from being scared of the bell to perfecting their swing are so satisfying – it’s really making me look forward to getting my level 2 and kettlebell qualifications so I can officially join the team!  Seeing the confidence build and the physical and mental changes take place, it’s incredibly rewarding.

OH has just bought a new 28kg competition bell – London Kettlebells are having a clearance, meaning a 28kg bell costs about £60 delivered.  How can you say no?!  OH and Spider can happily snatch that beast for reps, which got me thinking; I know all too well that this is a confidence game.  I can tell when a member is entirely capable of swinging a bigger bell, but is just too scared to try.  I also know that I’m still going through the same process myself – it’s not so long ago that I was scared to even try to snatch 16kg.  Now I can snatch that bad boy for 5 sets of 5, and I’ve been high-pulling the 20kg for a few weeks now.

So why not?  I got myself a 20kg and some space, took a couple of single arm swings, and blasted it over head on the right.  Phew.  That was scary….but fun!  It went up on the left just as nicely, at which point OH noticed what I was doing and said “is that the 24kg?”.  Um, no!  “Why not?!” says he.

Um…..  The only reason I could come up with was “because I’m scared of the 24kg”, but that’s not a reason, is it?  I know I’m getting stronger (thank you, New Rules!), I know that I can safely get out of the way of a bell that’s going to fall, so where’s my excuse?  Life’s too short to not take the occasional risk, so I picked up the nearest 24kg bell.

And damn me, if it didn’t go up!  It was a little shaky, took a second or two to reach full lockout, but it went up and it stayed up…and then again on the other side.  Ladies and gentlemen I have a new personal goal; snatch ladders with the 20kg until I can blast out 5 sets of 5.  I’ll leave the 24kg as a one rep max for now, but just knowing I can throw that lump of iron overhead is not only a thrill, but a huge confidence boost.

Eveyone should snatch kettlebells – it’s the biggest rush I’ve ever had 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy Sommer, RKC
    Aug 16, 2009 @ 14:36:19


    You are making great progress and should be quite proud of your work. Way to go!


  2. Nancy K
    Aug 16, 2009 @ 14:43:18

    Thanks for your comments Sandy 🙂

    “Quite proud” is a massive understatement! I’m insanely proud! But I know it’s only the latest step on the road, I’m going to continue to give it 100% effort. Hoping to get certified to teach this year, laying the ground work now…


  3. Julie
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 15:40:33

    Wow that’s awesome! I’m sure an amazing feeling. Good for you!


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