NROL4W, Stage 2 B

OK, so you thought yesterday’s post on Stage 2, workout A was full of self-indulgent whining?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  Workout B is a whole other world of pain, and then just to kick you when you’re down you get to do some intervals right at the end.  This is one workout that makes me wonder why I put myself through all this.

But then yesterday someone told me that my waist has narrowed and that I look healthy and full of life.  That helped me remember why!  I haven’t taken any measurements at the beginning of the New Rules, so I’ll be judging my progress entirely on my weight progression, what I see in the mirror, how my clothes fit (arms on T shirts are already getting too tight!), and most importantly how I feel.

On to workout B – again everything is 2 sets of 10 (except the cobra, which is 60-90 seconds) with 75 seconds rest.

Wide-grip deadlift from box.  After a brief examination of our free weights area, and a consultation with my other half (the actual fitness professional in this house), I decided not to do these from a box.  It’s just too impractical at our gym, and not worth the effort for the extra couple of inches ROM it would give me.  The wide grip in itself is a big enough challenge!  I’ve managed 52.5kg so far, and hope to try 55kg next time.

Bulgarian split-squat.  Why are these Bulgarian?  I must find out.  Whatever the reason, they’re a real challenge!  The boxes we have available are rather unstable and it’s all too easy to put a little too much weight on the back leg and set the step rocking around.  This forces extra work through the front quad (which I suppose is the whole idea!) and makes you very aware of posture.  I used bodyweight only first time through and my max weight so far is a 5kg plate in each hand.  It’s such a challenging movement it’s going to take me a while to progress, I think.  Super-setted with….

Underhand grip lat pull-down.  This is one of the things I like about the New Rules for women; it’s only Stage 2 and already Alwyn is prepping me for chin ups!  I’ve manged 30kg so far but there’s a lot more in the tank.  Hopefully I’ll be able to match my Stage 1 end weight for the wide grip lat pull (about 40kg, from memory).

Reverse lunge from box with forward reach.  Both of the Stage 2 workouts have 2 leg-heavy exercises, and I demand to know why!  These are a real killer after Bulgarian split-squats and make me feel a real space-hog in the free weights area!  Super-setted with….

Prone Cuban Snatch.  I had no idea these would be so hard.  I have to use measly 4kg dumbbells and even then my form is pretty horrendous by the last couple of reps.  This tells me I need to improve my shoulder strength/stability, so I’m looking forward to the YTWL exercise in Stage 3.

Swiss ball crunch. What can I say, it’s a crunch.  Currently using 10kg plate on the chest, may progress to holding a 5kg over head.  Tri-setted with…

Reverse crunch. Again, not much to say here.  Even this easier variation burns at this point in the workout; it will get interesting later on when we move on to incline reverse crunches…. Tri-setted with…

Lateral flexion.  I’m using option B (raising the torso), but may move on to option C – raising the torso and lower leg.

Prone cobra.  Not nearly as hard as I expected, to be honest.  The maximum 90 seconds becomes a challenge by the second set, but not nearly so much as the plank in workout A.

Interval training. The book encourages you to choose your poison for this section, then do 1 minute hard/2 minute rest for 5 rounds.  My posion is obviously kettlebell training!  So I chose 16kg kettlebell swings.  Then after 3 rounds, when I thought I was going to be sick and/or pass out, I switched to the 12kg.  Something that is normally a satisfying challenge suddenly becomes a virtual Mount Everest when attempting it after all the previous work.

And that’s workout B.  After my first attempt at it, I had to go and lie down on a nice cold floor for a while after I was finished, and even after my cool shower I had to sit down for 20 minutes for some quiet time.  So I’m slightly scared to do it again!  But I will, either tomorrow or Tuesday, quad pain dependant.  If you find a whimpering wreck quivering in a dark corner of your gym in the next 48 hours, it’s probably me – be nice and bring me a cold drink?  Ta 😉


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 21:28:28

    Great job, Nancy! No doubt sticking to such a rigorous program takes much determination and effort. I am happy, but not surprised to see you moving forward with success.

    Bulgarian split squats? Never even thought about the origin of the name. All I ever think is UGH when I think of them. Seeing improvement with these was one major feeling of victory for me when doing this program!

    You are doing great – can’t wait to hear more about your NROL4W adventures. Thanks for chronicling them! 🙂


  2. Nancy K
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 21:41:46

    Thank you for the kind words Sarah – these little bits of encouragement are one of the things that help me keep going when I’d rather be going for a little lie down!

    Workout B tomorrow, wish me luck 😉


  3. dave
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 22:54:43

    I don’t even know what a “bulgarian split squat” is, but it sounds bloody painful.

    keep it up though, sounds like you are really pushing yourself 🙂


  4. Nancy K
    Aug 11, 2009 @ 07:49:54

    Bloody painful’s about right Dave! You get into position for a static lunge…then raise your rear foot up onto a high box. Just no need, those Bulgarians must enjoy pain! 😉


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