Thursday workout

I really love that the New Rules workouts are so quick, yet so effective.  Today I was done in 22 minutes (must have been more efficient at getting from the free weights area to the kaiser room to switch between alternating sets!), not including warm up/cooldown.  I had a better performance in every exercise, either by increasing weights or by actually managing to finish the reps!

  • Deadlift – 2 x 12.  Set 1 – 40kg, set 2 – 45kg.
  • Dumbell shoulder press – 2 x 12.  8kg dumbbells.
  • Wide grip lat pull down – 2 x 12. Set 1 – 28kg, set 2 – 35kg
  • Lunges – 2 x 12/12. Set 1 – 8kg dumbells. Set 2 – bodyweight.
  • Swiss ball crunches – 2 x 10. 10kg weight on chest.

The shoulder presses and lunges are the biggest challenge for me in this workout.  My shoulders are a weak area, so finishing the reps is HARD.  With the lunges it’s the sheer time it takes to do 24 total reps (12 each leg); maintaining good form for that time is a challenge.  Oddly it’s my grip that fails first because the 8kg dumbells are so chunky.  I just couldn’t hold onto them for a second set, so I may scount around the gym for a different set with a narrower grip.

I’m off to London tomorrow to go to the Friday of Hard Rock Calling, so that’s 2 days that are technically rest days.  I reckon it’ll do me a lot of good, and I’m looking forward to really nailing Sunday morning’s workout – my first foray into the world of 3 sets!


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