New Rules, Workout B

The New Rules of Lifting for Women is split into several stages; stage 1 has 2 workouts, named A & B which are to be performed 8 times.  So far, I love them both…but then I’ve only done them once, and haven’t had time to learn to hate them!

Workout B is just as simple as workout A, which I wrote about a few days ago.  It consists of deadlifts, shoulder presses, lat pull-down, lunges and swiss ball crunches.  This time I was done in 26 minutes (not counting some cooldown stretches), and once again I felt great afterwards.  My only problem at the moment is that the first few workouts have high reps, so that I’m forced to keep the weights a little smaller than I’d like.  I’m getting very fatigued by the end of each set but recovering pretty quickly, so I’m looking forward to the later workouts where I do more sets of fewer reps.

From memory (my training log is in the other room and I’m feeling far too lazy to fetch it!), my workout looked something like:

  • Dead lifts – 2 sets at 40kg, 15 reps each.
  • Dumbbell shoulder press – 2 x 15, with 8kg dumb-bells.  These were HARD.  My shoulders are pretty weak, and I couldn’t finish the 2nd set.
  • Wide-grip lat pulldown – 2 x 15, with 28kg on the stack.
  • Lunges – 2 x 15/15, bodyweight only. alternating legs.  I started the first set holding 8kg dumbells, but after about 5 reps each leg I could tell that wasn’t going to work!
  • Swiss ball crunches – 2 x 8.  Set 1 was bodyweight, set 2 with 5kg on chest.  Need to start with 10kg next time I think.

This program is really showing up some interesting imbalances.  For instance, I couldn’t finish the prescribed number of jackknifes in workout A, but the crunches in workout B barely even registered.  Have I become so conditioned to crunches through years of group fitness that they do nothing for me?  Or is it just because jackknifes are a more challenging, whole body exercise?

I was meant to be doing workout A again today, but I defied New Rules authors and twitter buddies alike, and trained on my rest day yesterday by doing a spinning class and body pump.  Big mistake!  So today has become a rest day instead, which is fine, and I’ll do workout A tomorrow while the OH is spinning.  Poor sod is jealous that while he’s doing counter-productive (for him) endurance cardio, I’m getting a great workout.  That’s the hazard of working in group fitness!


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