32kg, revisited

I am absolutely wrecked after this morning’s training, and my hands aren’t talking to me anymore.  Today I had some real fun with the new 32kg bell – so much so that I really need to have a nap shortly!  But first, my training diary.

I started with a 5 minute snatch test…except I forgot my watch.  OH lent me his which I though was set for 5mins work/2mins rest….only to have it go off when I was 2 minutes in.  After a bit of flustered button mashing I decided to carry on til the rest timer reached 2 minutes – 2+3=5 minutes right?  But there were too  many number buzzing round my head but this point and I lost count of reps.  I think I was in the high 60s at that point with about 90 seconds left, but I can’t be sure.  I’m going to give my hands a few days to recover before I try again.

Then it was swing time.  OH had the 32kg bell out but had finished using it, so I went for 10 sets of 5 reps.  The challenge of keeping good posture, especially keeping my shoulder blades properly retracted was immense, but the buzz was worth it.  I think some of the blokes in the free weights area were a little bemused to see little old me swinging that massive bell for all I was worth!

OH and I both finished off with 5 sets of 5/5 Russian twists.  I was only using the olympic bar with a single 5kg plate on the end but by the last set my entire core was screaming at me – what a great exercise!  It’s something I’ve messed with before, but never done any full sets.

So after a big meal (me, OH, one roast chicken, two forks; awesome) it’s time for a nap and some heavy duty moisturiser for my hands.  I have a feeling I may need a rest day tomorrow….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 18:09:05

    Oh wow – I’m so impressed you can swing a 32 – I can barely lift OH’s!! I have just progressed to the 16, which I am reasonably happy with as its not that long ago I was swinging a measly 6, but wow, can’t imagine getting up to a 32!


  2. Nancy K
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 09:37:19

    I’m beginning to think that I’m blessed with more than my share of natural strength! We tried to get a woman at kettlebell class to deadlift the 32kg last week, but it was just too much. I more than make up for it by being a clumsy get though, so I have to work twice as hard at technique 😉


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