32kg baby!

My fiancé has been trying to buy some new kettlebells for a while, but the whole world has been out of stock – or at least it feels that way.  We wanted an 8kg & 12kg for his clients (our existing 12kg isn’t very nice at all), and a 28kg for him.  We managed to find an 8kg in John Lewis yesterday (which is absolutely fine apart from its silly rubber base, which we may have to rip off in disgust at some point), but still no luck on the 12kg or 28kg.

But we did find a 32kg

In a clearance sale.

For £45.

You just can’t say no to that kind of thing, can you?  Especially when it’s a tax deductable expense….

So it arrived this lunchtime, and we took it straight out to play with.  OH was happily snatching, jerking, windmilling and TGUing with it straight away, and I certainly enjoyed swinging it.  A friend took some video, which I’ll try to get a copy of.  While OH was playing (and being grateful that he bought some chalk the other day), I had a great session:

  • 32kg swing, 5 reps
  • 16kg snatch, 5×5/5.
  • 16kg windmill 2×3/3
  • 32kg swing, 10 reps

So today’s workout broke records in more than one way; I’ve never even seen a 32kg in the flesh before, never mind lifted one!  And I’ve never managed 5×5/5 snatches with the 16kg before; did 2×5/5 last night during kettlebell class, but I got too distracted chatting to members to finish my sets.  I need to work on getting more TGUs and windmills in, but it’s proving a challenge with the 16kg, while the 12kg is just too light.  I may try some kind of strategy that alternates the 12kg & 16kg every set, because I feel I’m neglecting those movements, which I really like.

Speaking of kettlebell class, it’s a great atmosphere in there; never any more than 4 or 5 people, who all come along because they’re really interested in doing something a little different.  We hope to expand it to a proper kettlebell club at some point; there’s an existing kettlebell club here who we don’t want to compete with, but we do want to offer a bit more to these cool people who’ve been supporing OH for a long time now. In any case, the OH chose yesterday to announce to the class that if he’s ever busy (which he often is when newbies come in), then folks were to come to me with any questions.


What a huge compliment!  It’s a small class, and everyone is aware that I’m advising as a keen amateur with no qualifications, but I was rather gobsmacked.  And nerve-wracked.  But mainly hugely flattered.

Thanks hon 🙂


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