My fiancé read about an interesting kettlebell workout recently, and somehow talked both of us into giving it a try.  Two days later and I still have DOMS, so it must have been hellish effective!  He really went for it, whereas I only incorported part of it into my Wednesday morning kettlebell session.  Here’s what my morning looked like:

  • Warm-up, followed by 20 swings w/16kg.
  • Ladder of snatches 16kg – 3 x 3/3
  • Snatch/jerk combo 12kg – 3 x 3/3
  • TGU/windmill combo – 2 x 2/2; set 1 12kg, set 2 16kg

I had wanted to do more TGU/windmills, but I nearly lost control on the way down on the last rep; it was time to stop.

Meanwhile, the Other Half did something like 10 sets of 5 snatch/jerks with the 20kg bell.  What a brutal workout that is!  The ballistic snatch followed by the explosive jerk really kill me, but it feels good! The DOMS has been in strange places; around the origins of my hamstrings and quads as well as the more expected tenderness in my traps.  I’ve never had DOMS in those places before, which must mean that I was using muscle in a whole new way.  I like it  😀


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