Sunday is funday

Today has been the model of a perfect Sunday. Early spin (700 calories) followed by body pump (300 calories). Long hot shower, then home to watch the Monaco grand prix while stuffing my face with roast chicken. I even managed not to sleep through it!

I’ve managed a few kettlebell sessions this week too; still working on my cleans. It’s such a technical movement and I’m struggling to master it. The trouble is this – my 12kg kettlebell has a rubbish grip, very thick, very shallow (ie too close to the body of the bell) and generally badly made. There’s a big lip of metal which does its very best to remove a chunk of skin with every rep, and that combined with the very shallow handle (which means the bell lands very high up on the wrist, sometimes right on the wrist bones) makes it…challenging to use.

But conversely, the 16kg is just a smidge too heavy for me to clean safely; I can snatch it, but my clean technique just isn’t there yet, so I need to persevere.

And in other news, I’ve finally had another weigh in….and remained exactly the same weight. Here’s hoping that I’m gaining muscle, because when you burn 1000 calories in one morning surely you must lose SOME body fat?!

Week 5 – 78kg
Total loss – 0kg (still!)


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