Bank holiday fun

I just finished migrating this blog over to wordpress.  The old site was so rubbish there wasn’t any kind of export feature, so it was a copy and paste every post job, then manually change all the dates.  Argh!  Just glad I did it before the blog was any bigger!

Had a good workout this morning, though it was cut tragically short by a scheduled class needing to use the studio at the gym.  Inconsiderate!  But I managed to get a fair bit of work in before it was time to evacuate; 100 DH swings with the 16kg (5×20), then a set of dead cleans, 3 sets of clean and press, & 5 sets of snatches with the 12kg (5 reps in each set).  I had wanted to get in a few TGU/windmill combos at the end because I’ve never actualy got round to doing that, but it wasn’t to be.

I did get a little ego boost though; the guy who came in to teach stopped for a chat, and asked if I just used the 16kg for swings.  When I said that I snatch it he looked gobsmacked, and said that none of his female clients would ever dream of trying to snatch 16kg.  I was so proud, made my bank holiday monday 😉

Other interesting fact for the day; turns out one of my instructor friends is in turn good friends with Angie Dowds, the kettlebell legend.  I have a claim to fame 😀


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