Dietary update

I haven’t posted any food diaries in a while, so here goes…in my defence, yesterday was my birthday so the junk intake was through the roof!

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with spinach, on toast (wholemeal). Tea
Lunch – chicken tikka massalla, rice and naan.
Snack (at the cinema) – half a giant bag of peanut M&Ms. Lush!
Dinner – That new oriental stir fry thing M&S are doing; chicken, veg, thai green sauce and noodles.
Dessert – chocolate croissant and a double choc muffin. I had a GOOD birthday

Breakfast – Muesli, tea
Snack – discos salt and vinegar, fridge raiders chicken bites (these are surprisingly nice – try them)
Lunch – goats cheese and pesto ravioli with spinach and ricotta sauce.
Dinner – home made king prawn curry. Incredibly quick, served with uncle ben’s microwave rice, for that lazy factor
Dessert – yoghurt.

I also did a spin class yesterday morning (~500 calories), and I’m off to the gym now to hopefully do a kettlebell session. My fiance runs a class on a Tuesday night and if we run out of equipment it’s the paying customers who get first dibs. Only fair really! If we run out I’ll go and occupy myself in the gym for an hour


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