I had a little holiday this weekend, a few days away staying with my dad and then a family birthday. I didn’t think I had eaten too badly, but as it turns out I was wrong! I haven’t had a drink in weeks so the bottle of wine on friday night, and the other one on saturday night, won’t have helped… Anyway whatever the cause, I’m back up to my starting weight – 78kg. Boo.

Not had much chance to train over the weekend either. I managed a little kettlebell session on Friday morning though, which went something like:
Snatches – 3 ladders X 3/3 (16kg)
Windmills – 3 x 3/3 (16kg)

It felt almost too easy at the time – I still have it ingrained that you must be a quivering wreck, drowned in sweat or you haven’t worked hard enough. As it turns out I had some very satisfying DOMS the next day, so I must have done something right! Just keep in mind Pavel’s mantra: “If you train to failure, you train to fail”.

Week 3 – 78kg
Total loss – 0kg!


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