Back on the horse

My head cold was still holding strong yesterday evening, but I was going stir crazy! So I dared attempt a 45min body pump session, with mixed results. I struggled in some tracks (had to stop in back and remove weight!), was fine in others (equaled my PB in chest) but generally felt a bit rubbish. Yet somehow managed to burn through 400cals, which is only 100 less than I would in a full 1 hour class – figure that one out!

So I thought I’d go it alone this morning – no classes, just me and my kettlebell (and OH in the background with a kettlebell and a punch bag for company!). I still have the scars from last week’s snatch test, but apart from that I didn’t get any real soreness in the following days, so now seemed the time to break out the 16kg. I managed 10 reps each side with fairly long rests, and a couple of times even did 2 on the trot. Strength was beginning to fail near the end and on the last rep my form slipped, so that the bell went over my wrist rather than round it. Instant bruise, stylish! As the great man Pavel says, “if you train to failure, you train to fail”, so at that point it was quitsies and off home for a soak in the bath.

Once again, the most painful part was the calluses, though I may not be saying that tomorrow (or the next day) when the DOMS has had time to kick in!


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