Well today’s training plans are down the pan! Yesterday was a rest day, and towards the evening my throat started to bother me. I had a vitamin C drink (those fizzy ones where you dissolve a tablet in water and it tastes like chalk) and lots of warm drinks for the rest of the evening.

To no avail. I woke up starving but struggled to eat, and drinking is….ow. Every time I swallow it’s like there’s a nail bomb going off round the back of my throat, and though I’m not congested there’s stuff…oozing. You’re welcome for that image by the way! I was going to do a 45min spin this morning then break out the kettlebells later on, but it looks like that’s not happening, so instead this morning’s supermarket run has supplied me with tirozets, lemsip, chicken soup, fresh fruit and chocolate biscuits. Duvet, here I come!


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