Brand spanking new blog

This blog was originally started elsewhere, linked to a forum account.  But the blogging interface was pretty limited, and as it turned out that the blog was staying alive, I’ve moved it here.  Enjoy  🙂

I was going to start this blog at blogspot, or wordpress, or one of those shiny sites…but I know my track record with blogging. I don’t want another dormant blog clogging up the internet! So I thought I’d begin here, and if by some miracle I keep it up I can consider my options.

So I’ve always been interested in fitness. I’ve been a gym member for around 5 years now, mostly taking part in group fitness classes – Body Combat, Body Pump, spinning, and all that malarky. I’ve had a rough couple of years though and all of that has kind of fallen by the wayside. My training has been slowly getting back on track, but I got a shock the other day when I got on the scales and realised I’ve gained a stone in the last couple of months. Oops! It could be muscle (my shapes hasn’t really changed), but I don’t know for sure, and although I’m not superstitious I’m not comfortable being 13 stone! So this is it; a little diary of my efforts to get my groove back. Day 1: 78kg (which turns out to be 12st 4lb. So not quite 13, but still too much….)


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