Well today’s training plans are down the pan! Yesterday was a rest day, and towards the evening my throat started to bother me. I had a vitamin C drink (those fizzy ones where you dissolve a tablet in water and it tastes like chalk) and lots of warm drinks for the rest of the evening.

To no avail. I woke up starving but struggled to eat, and drinking is….ow. Every time I swallow it’s like there’s a nail bomb going off round the back of my throat, and though I’m not congested there’s stuff…oozing. You’re welcome for that image by the way! I was going to do a 45min spin this morning then break out the kettlebells later on, but it looks like that’s not happening, so instead this morning’s supermarket run has supplied me with tirozets, lemsip, chicken soup, fresh fruit and chocolate biscuits. Duvet, here I come!


Sunday sesh

I am exhausted today. Not one but two afternoon naps (both during the Bahrain grand prix, not impressed I missed half the race) and I still feel I could go to bed right this second.

My partner teaches 2 classes on a Sunday morning, and I usually take part. One hour spin class, followed by 45min Body Pump. Ow. Burned 733 calories in spin, and a piddly 275 in pump – I was so exhausted I had to drop the weights back to practically nothing, and the missing chunks of skin from yesterday made it….interesting!

So the large pizza from dominos is on its way, and the battlestar galactica DVD is going in. I may fall asleep face down in it. Pepperoni eye patches, anyone?

PS, yes, I am trying to shift some flab! The rules in this house are: takeaways once a fortnight, chocolate (or similar treats) 3 times a week. At least that’s the plan…going to be hard!

Kettlebells and skin removal

Kettlebell snatch session this morning.  There’s a semi-mythical “5 ladders of 5” rule when it comes to kettlbell snatches; if you can perform 5 ladders of 5 reps, you need a heavier bell.  That is, you do 1 rep each hand, rest a few seconds.  Then 2 reps, then 3, 4 & 5.  Then you rest a couple of minutes and do it again….a total of 5 times.

This seemed totally out of reach to me, even with ickle 12kg bell but this morning I just blasted it out.  It was too knee dominant, my technique was a bit sloppy, but I bloody well did it!  Trouble is, my 12kg bell is badly made, with a 2mm ‘lip’ under the grip which makes it harder than usual on the hands.  I knew I’d pay for it, but some time in the 5th set of 5 reps my technique must have got [I]really[/I] sloppy, and I’m now missing a large chunk of skin from the palm of my right hand, and another from the side of my thumb.

I thought the shower would knack, but it was actually ok – even with hot water and shampoo getting in there.

The savlon however….:eek:

So the good news?  I get to abandon the 12kg bell when it comes to snatches, and save my poor aching hands.  The bad news?  I have to attempt to use the 16kg.  My poor aching muscles….

Brand spanking new blog

This blog was originally started elsewhere, linked to a forum account.  But the blogging interface was pretty limited, and as it turned out that the blog was staying alive, I’ve moved it here.  Enjoy  🙂

I was going to start this blog at blogspot, or wordpress, or one of those shiny sites…but I know my track record with blogging. I don’t want another dormant blog clogging up the internet! So I thought I’d begin here, and if by some miracle I keep it up I can consider my options.

So I’ve always been interested in fitness. I’ve been a gym member for around 5 years now, mostly taking part in group fitness classes – Body Combat, Body Pump, spinning, and all that malarky. I’ve had a rough couple of years though and all of that has kind of fallen by the wayside. My training has been slowly getting back on track, but I got a shock the other day when I got on the scales and realised I’ve gained a stone in the last couple of months. Oops! It could be muscle (my shapes hasn’t really changed), but I don’t know for sure, and although I’m not superstitious I’m not comfortable being 13 stone! So this is it; a little diary of my efforts to get my groove back. Day 1: 78kg (which turns out to be 12st 4lb. So not quite 13, but still too much….)